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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Angelike Westermann (Germany) Deb Nixon (UK) Kathrynne Owen (UK) Sue Kemp (UK) Tracy Hodder (UK)

We have a HUGE pile of Shufflers today, so there will be two postings. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful work - we're amazed at the variety of styles of interpretations that we've received. Don't forget to come along to the Festival of Quilts (Gallery TG9) to see them all together.

Anegelike Westermann has sent a striking painted portrait. The red of the lips and yellow of the background really draw your eye in to the face.

Tracy Hodder's painting has the words "If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies!" Very true! The butterflies are raised above the painted greeny/blue background.

Sue Kemp has sent a wonderful fabric collage with machine stitching. What a happy baby!

Kathrynne Owen's piece has a note on the back "Nanna to 7 grand children. Each one has drawn a butterfly for this portrait". The background cloth has an overlay of fine gauzy material and is machine stitched. Some of the butterflies are appliqued on top.

Finally for today, we have a beautifully stitched and coloured cat from Deb Nixon. The piece is titled "Wait For Me" and the words appear stitched on the front with a little heart. We've seen this portrait and followed the story about the cat on Instagram!  It's lovely Deb.

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