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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Dr Anthony McIntosh (UK) Anne Kelly (UK) Jennie Callomon (UK) Donna Mcghie (UK)

Anthony's painting is titled "Miner Going Outbye". Yep, had to google "Outbye"! It means in the direction away from the coal face, a short distance away, or outside. Fabulous painting, full of atmosphere - perhaps an exhausted man, tired, dirty, in the dark and on his way home?

Anne Kelly sent "Selfie with Bird". It's a heavily stitched portrait - machine and hand - with couching and applique layers.

Donna Mcghie's painting (mixed media) shows a small portrait in the centre of the canvas surrounded by wonderful painterly textures. Perhaps this was achieved through pouring acrylics? There is foiling particularly at the edges, which adds a lovely silvery light.

Finally for today Jennie Callomon has sent in this lovely painting of a crow with a juicy red berry. The background has beautiful textures.

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